Untangle The Knot, Your Divorce Lifeline, is the go-to online resource for anyone considering or going
through divorce. Our mission is to make the lives of anyone facing divorce just a bit easier.

Our intention is to not replace professionals, but to complement them. We provide information and tools to
help our users become educated, empowered and organized, understand the importance of using divorce
professionals and how to work effectively with them. We do this while encouraging them to make their
physical and mental self a priority.

How having untangle the knot in your toolkit benefits you:

You have a place to point clients for areas outside of your expertise

Clients will be more informed and organized, making your job a bit easier

Allows you to focus on the topics within your area of expertise when you are meeting with your client

Strengthen the relationship with your client through the trust-building that comes with referring them to a resource that will truly help them through such a difficult time