Marian Camden, Psy. D
I am a busy and happy clinical psychologist working with adults, children, and adolescents in a private practice setting in South Denver (Centennial). Divorce and other traumatic experiences are my main areas of focus, and I have been practicing EMDR Therapy for 15 years. I was a custody evaluator for many years but now do counseling and coaching with people going through difficult divorces, which often involve custody evaluations. I do some divorce mediation around parenting time and decision making disputes and work as Parenting Coordinator/Decision Maker for separated and divorced co-parenting teams.
Pamela Preble Gundlach, LPC
I quickly establish rapport with couples and families to begin the work of moving on from their marriage. If children are involved, then co-parenting and communication skills are the primary focus. I believe it is very important to let the couple decide the agenda to begin the next phase of their relationship and life as co-parents. I infuse my experience, certainty and ability to relate to create an impactful investment in the divorce experience.