Cheryl Breault, Psychotherapist
I work closely with my clients to develop individualized, integrated healing plans that intertwine their past and present experiences alongside insights gained from our sessions together. My experiential and intuitive methodology embraces the strengths of a wide range of time-tested treatment methods. Allowing access to ever-deeper realms of consciousness, this approach helps people find their inner truth through whole-body wisdom and wellness.
Dr Kristen Hick, Clinical Psychologist
I work with clients individually to help them heal from past relational experiences, strengthen their sense of self, and transform their relationship with themselves and others in their life.
Dr. Anat Geva, Psychotherapist
I am passionate about helping individuals and couples get through separation and divorce. In my work as a therapist and divorce coach, I help people come to terms with their losses, process the legal, emotional and relational aspects of divorce, and come out on the other side resilient, hopeful and excited about the future. Although the divorce process is a predictable one, each individual encounters it with their own history, stories, fears and dreams. I know how painful divorce can be, with that, divorce doesn’t necessarily equate to tragedy of destruction. I’m determined to help people move in that direction.
Drina Nibble, Marriage & Family Therapy Candidate
My passion is to support and coach parents to prevent mental health challenges in children by focusing on Infant and Toddler Mental Health, whether the child is of average development or special needs, in single or multiple households. I have a knack for helping parents find a more even playing ground that recognizes the child’s needs and desires, while supporting the individual parents through life’s challenges, and fostering healthy relationship quality between parents.
Nancy Hamilton, Therapist
When you know better, you do better. My job is to help you know yourself better. You and I can accomplish this by developing a vision for yourself (if we waved a magic wand, what would your life look like?); building your skills; finding incentives; rallying resources (these can be emotional, financial, logistical); and creating an action plan so that you can manage the complex change in the areas in your life you want to improve.
Paul Steinke, Therapist
I believe in the uniqueness and value of each person, and that each individual’s life story and experience are important. From a person-centered approach, I strive to see and meet each person where they are. We are each at our best when we experience a secure bond with another person. However, often those bonds are broken, or never develop, leaving one alone and disconnected. I help people develop secure bonds with others, and grow as someone who can connect with themselves and another, and be a safe person for someone else to bond to.