Cheryl Smith, Attorney
I litigate complex matrimonial and family law matters while putting the client’s goals and needs first. Every effort is made to achieve resolution never losing sight of the fact that some matters may require judicial intervention.
Dawn O’Neil, Attorney / Mediator
I focus my practice on achieving positive legal outcomes through non-adversarial means whenever possible. As an attorney and trained litigator, I know how to win in court. But where families are involved, often times if the goal is to “win”, then everyone loses. In a divorce, the assets need to be untangled, but the relationship, whether through children, relatives or mutual friends, will likely continue in some form. I will help you obtain your fair share of the family assets and help you restructure your relationship with your spouse so that you have a long-term co-parenting plan that works.
Jennifer C. Alldredge, Attorney
My goal is to provide a clear, efficient and reasoned approach to help you move through the divorce process in an emotionally and financially supportive way. First and foremost, I am an advocate for my clients. I work to identify what is most important to you, working in your best interest and/or the best interest of the children involved.
Kelly L. Snodgrass, Attorney
I believe everyone has their own goals, needs, and path through the difficult process of divorce and I take a very flexible approach to the process. With each client, I spend time learning what their goals are and strive to structure an approach to accomplish them in a way that is best suited for them. I am here to help my clients navigate this process and craft a plan to move on to the next stage of their life while protecting their interests.
Kristi Hoben, Attorney
My primary focus is to make the process of divorce, from beginning to end, as painless as possible and to ensure that families focus on the most important player in the divorce process – the children. I emphasize providing legal representation to those individuals that would otherwise be unable to afford an attorney.
Madhu B. Krishnamurti, Attorney/ Mediator
I believe genuine interest in people, gentleness and patience with human emotions and frailties, listening keenly, approachability, perceptiveness, intuition, and sensitivity are all needed in addition to knowledge of the law to help families through divorce. I have these skills and believe they have drawn me organically to this area of the law. I am trained as a divorce and family mediator and in collaborative law. I prefer these approaches to battling it out in court although I also have litigation experience.
Margaret (Peggy) Walker, Attorney
In addition to working to ensure fair settlements for my clients, I believe part of my role as an attorney is to educate my clients about the impact the law will have on their specific issues. I strive to help them understand the legal implications associated with their choices, and provide them with the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.
Rebecca Prescador, Attorney
My primary objective is to make legal services affordable for everyone. Many people do not have the ability to come up with large retainers which are frequently insisted upon by other attorneys, and yet cannot qualify for public assistance with their legal issues. We have implemented several options in our practice for helping people financially including low initial retainers, payment plans, and even some flat fee items. Determining the right approach for you and your situation is the first step. I offer a free initial consultation, which gives us both an opportunity to determine whether we can work together, and if so, what needs to be done to solve the problem that brings you here.
Terri Harrington, Attorney/ Mediator
I believe I was put on this earth to help families through this difficult transition. I am dedicated to conflict resolution and specialize in helping couples divorce in an amicable manner. I practice collaborative law and am a dedicated mediator who helps couples reach full agreement and helps them complete the divorce paperwork. I teach non-adversarial communication, peacemaking for lawyers and mediation skills. I also provide unbundled legal services so that my clients get only the help they need in the most efficient way.