Amy Mahlen, Certified Financial Planner™
Having been through a divorce myself with 3 children and a marriage of 14 years and as a financial professional, my heart goes out to all of those who have found themselves in this tumultuous time emotionally and financially. The divorce transition is overwhelming, difficult to cope and manage on all levels. It is my passion to help people pondering, in the midst and/or after divorce. Most importantly, I help people understand the choices before them and what various financial options proposed by either party or attorneys, and what that means to you now and in the future. Proposals are analyzed and presented on a level where you can see the present and future results. Commonly overlooked tax issues and insurance is reviewed and a financial transition timeline is established that provides security and protection. Many people get stuck in the process of separation either before divorce or even after finalization. We create a plan showing how separation can be achieved at any step in the process in order to move along and remove fear. My goal is to help you reach the other side and thrive in your new life.
Benita Creacy, CDFA, CFP
I provide services to support you Pre-Divorce with financial analysis on how a divorce settlement could affect your lifestyle; during divorce whether you are doing it yourself, using mediation or going through ligation; and Post-Divorce to handle re-titling assets, QDROs or financial planning. I will help you understand your finances, tax consequences and issues so you can make the best possible decisions for your future as a newly divorced person.
Daniel Schultz, CFP®, CDFA™, CRPC® , APMA®
I am passionate about working with my clients and want them to experience financial confidence now and in retirement. I will look at your entire financial picture — cash reserves, debt management, investments, insurance and taxes — ask targeted questions and listen closely to your answers. I want you to feel that the advice I provide reflects your unique dreams and goals. I believe in giving back to the community. Helping others in their time of need is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. Outside of my practice, I believe that giving of oneself with no expectation for anything in return is how we make the world a better place.
Jamie Sladky, CDFA
I have always strived to make finance more understandable and accessible to my clients. During my early years in the business, I saw the importance in educating and enlightening my clients as well as the need to help people going through the life changes brought about by divorce and death of a spouse. I take great pride in the relationships I’ve built with my clients as I help them through the often traumatic transitions that affect not only their personal life but also dramatically change their financial futures.
Kim Langelaar, Mortgage Officer, CDFA
I have a sincere passion for helping people which led me to a career as a mediator and CDFA, guiding couples and individuals through their divorce process. I witnessed people struggling through the home buying and selling process while navigating through divorce, so it was a natural evolution for me to start helping people with loans for their new homes. I understand the complexities and legal limitations of refinancing to remove one spouse from the mortgage on the marital home, while trying to secure a mortgage for the other spouse.
Nadia Shokhi, Wealth Manager, CDFA
I have always been an A student in school, work, and in life, and for me, that translates into giving A+ service to my clients. Every day I look for ways to take care of them and add value to their lives. My mission to provide women with the knowledge and tools they need to face the financial issues that come with big life transitions like divorce, widowhood, and retirement.
Peggy Spiro, Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist
I believe that getting divorced is stressful, whether you initiate the divorce or not. The amount of attention to details about everything in your life can become overwhelming. I work as a real estate professional with over 20 years experience and add to that the attention to the real estate details that you want. I don’t sugar coat the facts, I am your partner in decision making for either the marital home or your new home.. I AM THAT SOMEONE WHO HAS YOUR BACK!
Russell Luna, Senior Advisor ChFC, CLU, AEP, CDFA, CLTC
I take a hands-on approach working with divorce attorneys assisting clients through their challenging financial issues of divorce. I utilize insight from all aspects of my practice to help each client with his or her particular set of circumstances. Implementing my unique planning strategies, I have developed plans which have benefited clients in the division of marital property and recommending plans with safety of financial growth. I am a frequent contributor to national publications regarding financial matters and have been asked to speak nationally, involving divorce and other financial topics.