Kristi Hoben, Attorney

Kristi Hoben, Attorney
Kristi Hoben, Attorney

Ms. Hoben graduated from University of Washington with a Degree in Economics in 1993 and received her Juris Doctorate and Masters Degree in Legal Administration from the University of Denver in 2001. She has been in the legal field since 1997 and practicing law for the past 14 years. Ms. Hoben’s experience has encompassed many areas which have a substantial impact in the family law arena. She began her legal career serving in internships with the Denver City Attorney’s Office and the Aurora City Attorney’s Office. These invaluable experiences provided her with the insight into the criminal arena in addition to family dynamics which impact family law, such as domestic violence or substance abuse issues. She has tried approximately 25 bench and jury trials. Ms. Hoben has worked with the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center and has served as a Special Advocate and Guardian ad litem. She has also gained valuable experience in this field as a law clerk for the Honorable Judge Plaut in Jefferson County prior to his retirement. Ms. Hoben is familiar with the Court system and Hearing process and has spent endless hours in the Court setting. She is a current member on the Board and is the acting President of the Metro Denver Interdisciplinary Committee (MDIC).

Ms. Hoben enjoys volunteering and has dedicated hundreds of hours to causes she believes in, with her most memorable volunteer experiences having involved children. She has been a foster parent, scout leader, volunteer within the Cherry Creek School District and has been involved in distributing clothing and supplies in Central America. Ms. Hoben currently volunteers with high-risk children in the foster care system and also fosters shelter dogs.

Family Law Attorney
Juris Doctor and Masters in Legal Administration
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My primary focus is to make the process of divorce, from beginning to end, as painless as possible and to ensure that families focus on the most important player in the divorce process – the children. I emphasize providing legal representation to those individuals that would otherwise be unable to afford an attorney.

I could not say enough about my experience with Ms. Hoben! I retained her on the backside of a case that was going badly due to my prior lawyer, and she stepped right in and moved quickly to fix as much as she could. I received forwards of every email that she sent out to opposing council or the courts, and returned any calls within a day, usually a few hours. when we finally did get to the hearing, she was amazing, cut no corners, and for as miserable as court cases (especially child support/custody), she fought for an extremely fair judgment!

I offer a free phone consultation to anyone in Colorado who has purchased Untangle The Knot Divorce Coaching services.

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