Overcoming Fear During Your Divorce

Overcoming Fear

Whether you were surprised when your former spouse decided to file for divorce or you were the one who decided that it was time to untangle the knot and move on with your lives, the changes divorce brings to your life can be terrifying. However, overcoming that fear is a critical part of moving on with your […]


Valentine’s Day Divorce: Time to Kick Cupid to the Curb?

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching, but not everyone is feeling the love. Thousands of people are trapped in unhappy marriages and are ready to move on, but may be unsure of how or when to take the next step. For many, that time is now. So if you are contemplating divorce this Valentine’s Day, know you are […]


Lessons from Yoga: Are You the Carrot, Egg or Coffee Bean in Your Divorce?

Carrot Egg and Coffebean

One of the many aspects of yoga that I love is the life and spiritual lessons that the teachers will weave into class at just the right moment. It often feels like an act of Divine intervention when certain stories and quotes prove to be timed perfectly, right just when I need them and so […]