7 Tips for Telling Your Teenager You’re Getting a Divorce

Parents and Teen

Telling your children that you are getting divorced is undoubtedly one of the toughest things you will ever do. How you have this conversation and the points you make are critical, as it sets the tone for things to come. There are general best practices that apply to children of every age, but teenagers require […]

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Surviving Valentine’s Day; During and After Divorce

Hands Heart 2

If you’re divorced, contemplating divorce or going through divorce, the pink and red decorations, candy and cards that have overtaken an entire aisle in the grocery store (and the airwaves) as soon as the Christmas decorations disappeared could be enough to make you want to tell Cupid and his minions to shove it. But before […]

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Blindsided by Divorce? Steps to Take Now


It may have began like any other day, until your world as you thought you knew it is shaken to its very core. Your spouse wants a divorce. He’s unhappy and wants out, and he decides to deliver this news to you as you’re heading out to take the kids to school. She had an […]