Who You Gonna Call? How to Manage Emergencies Without Your Spouse

Woman with Flat Tire

One nice thing about being married is that most likely you could always call your spouse when crisis struck, no matter how big or small. It could have been as simple as locking yourself out of the house or cajoling him (or her) to dispose of the dead mouse in a mousetrap to something as […]


Save Your Time, Money and Sanity with Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coaching

When we started Untangle The Knot, we honestly hadn’t envisioned offering divorce coaching. Our goal was to provide an online resource that would give anyone contemplating or going through divorce just about everything you need to know about divorce and living your life while going through it. However, as time went by, I was encouraged […]


10 Tips for Celebrating Mother’s Day After Divorce

Mother and Child Fun

Celebrating Mother’s Day after divorce may initially have the same appeal as a root canal. Holidays are all difficult in the beginning, but this one can have a particular sting to it because it’s the day to celebrate you as a mom — a time when your husband and kids would come together in your […]