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My name is Julie Gannon and my journey through divorce led me to co-founding Untangle The Knot with my long time friend and business partner, Seth Wright. Having been there, I truly understand how devastating, complicated, frustrating and lonely divorce can be. Seth had a front row seat to my entire divorce — whether he liked it or not! It turned out to be a good thing, though. Because when the dust settled, we realized that there was a way to create something positive from this experience.

I saw the number of books, websites and other resources out there. It was overwhelming. I knew nothing about divorce, and I didn’t know where to start. What resources could I trust and would be worth the time and money? I had so many questions, so little time, and I was emotionally exhausted by it all. I needed something or someone to guide me through the process and give me the information I needed, when I needed it — a divorce sherpa of sorts. Sadly, none were available. I handled my divorce like I would any other large project at work. I guess I figured it out because my lawyer told me I was the most organized and prepared client she’d ever had. She also told me that I saved thousands of dollars in legal fees because of that!

Seth and I thought others may have the same challenges I did, and that they could benefit from the approach I used. Don’t get me wrong, I made my share of mistakes, and I wish I had some do-overs in many respects. But, all I can do is to keep moving forward in my own journey and to help others avoid the same mistakes. This is how Untangle The Knot was born.

We aren’t therapists, lawyers or divorce professionals per se. We have each spent our careers in the business world, gaining financial and legal expertise and the ability to tackle large-scale projects — all of which translated surprisingly well to getting through divorce. We also have combined interests in physical and emotional health, and spirituality. Above all, we share a most sincere desire to be of service to people, especially during their most difficult times.

Thank you for trusting us, and sharing your journey with Untangle The Knot.


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