Valentine’s Day Divorce: Time to Kick Cupid to the Curb?

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching, but not everyone is feeling the love. Thousands of people are trapped in unhappy marriages and are ready to move on, but may be unsure of how or when to take the next step. For many, that time is now. So if you are contemplating divorce this Valentine’s Day, know you are not alone.

According to some reports, the month of February sees a sharp increase in the number of divorce filings. The reason for this is somewhat obvious. At a time of year when the air is thick with love, the unhappiness of a bad marriage can feel especially suffocating.

Valentine’s Day divorce filers usually fall into two distinct groups: those who have been planning to get divorced for a while, and those who are searching for a reason to stay.

The “Delayed New Year’s Resolutioners”

When it comes to those who have been wanting a divorce for a while, putting it off may simply seem easier than dealing with the grief and hardship that can come with it. Some are in relationships where they feel unsafe, while others are merely unhappy with their partner. These people have told themselves for years that they need to become single. And though the new year may seem like a perfect time to consider such a life changing decision, some people get cold feet and choose not to file, or postpone the divorce until the busyness of the new year has quieted down.

People that have made up their mind, but get cold feet right after New Year’s, usually regret the decision. By the time February rolls around, these people cannot stand the thought of another Valentine’s Day with their spouse. Faking happiness through dinner is just not possible anymore. These delayed New Year’s Resolutioners often choose to act before the special day. They want to be single again, and they want out of their marriage, before another miserable year goes by.

The “Waiting to Exhale” Crowd

On the other hand, some couples hold out for Valentine’s Day, in hopes of making one last attempt to reconcile their differences. Though one or both disgruntled spouses are considering divorce, they may still be holding onto the hope of fixing their marriage. Maybe they have children, or they are married to their first love. There are many reasons why someone would want to stay in a marriage, even while they are actively considering divorce. These people are waiting to exhale. Hoping that their spouse gives them a reason to reconcile, while still considering divorce an option.

Waiting for Valentine’s Day can be a good option for some couples. It’s not unheard of for two people to rekindle that spark that has been missing over a romantic evening, away from the normal stresses of life. Of course, some couples may simply wish to consider all their options, before making the final decision to seek a divorce. Maybe an extended separation or a vacation could save the marriage. By waiting, these couples might be able to save their relationship.

So What Next?

Contemplating divorce is a difficult process. Often your entire social circle is tied up in your marriage. You may feel completely isolated. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to people considering divorce.

At Untangle The Knot, we provide an ideal resource for people considering divorce. The “Contemplating Divorce” section of our website is a great place to start. In this section, you will find numerous insights to get answers to your biggest questions. This section offers helpful information for those who might be worried about issues such as the cost of divorce or about losing custody of their children. We even discuss opportunities to save your marriage from the divorce. The guidance found on this page can be invaluable when making your decision.

Ultimately, if you do decide to move forward with divorce during this Valentine’s Day season, we hope that the resources here at Untangle The Knot can make the process a little easier. In addition to the wealth of information and guidance we provide, our site can also help you locate professionals in the counseling, financial, and legal professions, to give you the personal assistance you need.

Going through a divorce is stressful in so many ways, but living through an unhappy marriage can be even worse. We encourage you to get the guidance and support you need to move forward in your marriage, or into your single life.

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