Untangle the Knot exists for one reason – to make the lives of anyone facing divorce just a bit easier by providing them with the information, support and tools they really need. Members of UTK will save time, money, and frustration, and will emerge from divorce ready to tackle their next chapter! Untangle The Knot is the online go-to resource for anyone considering or going through

Untangle The Knot is the online go-to resource for anyone considering or going through divorce. We provide information, tools, guidance and support to help you through every phase — all while helping you rebuild your life. There are thousands of great resources out there, but we provide the most comprehensive package of information and tools. Untangle the Knot is your divorce playbook. We tackle the nuts and bolts of getting divorced, provide practical information to help with children’s issues, all while keeping your mental and physical self a priority.

Our intention is to help you progress smoothly through every stage of your divorce, with the hope that you will emerge stronger than ever at the other end. Divorce will change your life, but we want to show you how you can use this time as an opportunity to transform your life.

We sincerely hope that you’ll find information to improve your life in many ways – large and small. We believe you’ll find nuggets to bring you peace of mind, save money in legal fees, prevent a financial mistake, help the kids through a difficult point, or to offer you a lifeline when you need it most.

Our Core Beliefs

Couples can work to improve the relationship before choosing divorce

You can strive towards an amicable and fair divorce

You have the ability and responsibility to choose your behavior and act with integrity

Focusing on your mental and physical self during divorce is critical to your well-being

The best interests of your children come first

Meet the team

Julie Gannon and Seth Wright are business partners and entrepreneurs, and clearly saw a problem that needed to be solved while Julie was going through her divorce. The market is flooded with divorce how-to information. What Julie needed was a playbook – one place to go to give her the information and tools she needed not only to manage the divorce process, but also for handling the rest of her life while going through such a huge transition. Divorce isn’t just about the legal process, it’s about creating a new financial life, minimizing the impact on the kids, relationships with friends, transitioning to single life, and seizing the opportunity for personal transformation. With that, Untangle the Knot was born.

Seth and Julie are Co-Founders of Untangle the Knot, and are building a team of expert contributors and advisors to continue evolving the resources we provide to you!

Julie Gannon

CEO & Co-Founder

Julie is an experienced business executive and after 15 years in the corporate world, she created a consulting company that she successfully ran until partnering with Seth on SpringBox Ventures. While going through her own divorce, she realized there had to be a better way to get the information …

Seth Wright


Seth is a strategy and finance professional with over 15 years of experience. While Seth has had a successful career working in other companies, he wanted to use his entrepreneurial spirit, creative mind, collaborative nature, desire to solve problems and passion for helping others to create…

John Noble

Technical Partner

John is a developer and technology expert with over 20 years of experience. John has worked in large companies, startups and in founding his own companies alone and with partners. He loves creating new things, helping people and growing personally…

Jen Wacaser


Before establishing a thriving corporate and personal coaching business, Jen dedicated her professional life to the executive levels within the field of development for a number of renowned universities, including USC, UCLA and the University of Denver. Not only did Jen successfully manage her…

Nancy Hamilton

Relationship Coach

With training in clinical social work and 24 years in the field, Nancy has parlayed her knowledge and experience from individual and couples therapist to couples coach and mentor.

Using her signature programs of Relationship Fluency and Better by Tonight™, Nancy …

Gretchen Ferraro


Gretchen has over 17 years of experience as a writer and editor in the health and wellness industry. She has served as editor of Muscle Media and Energy magazines, international publications geared toward the overall wellness and health of men and women, and she was editor of the Sports Nutrition…


Does Untangle The Knot encourage divorce?

Absolutely not! We provide information and resources for people with marriage troubles with the hope that they can improve their relationship. However, we recognize that all marriages are not in a position to be saved and sometimes divorce is the best option. For those cases, we want to provide an easier path for a difficult journey.

I’m concerned about email privacy, but want to use Untangle The Knot. What can I do?

We recommend you set up a new email account and create an extremely secure password, one that nobody could ever guess. Google Gmail is a great option. Be sure to not save your password within your browser. Use this email for your communication with UTK and any other divorce related activities.


A Most Sincere Thank You…

I read countless books to learn what I felt I needed during various phases of my own journey. I have folded many of those lessons into Untangle The Knot to connect people on their own journey to information I found to be so helpful. I have done my best to reference specific material and insights, and to direct you to these books on the Resources We Love page.

I’ll be forever grateful to the special people who supported me, provided me information and direction, offered lifelines at just the right time, new perspectives, or unwavering support. You were my rocks!

With Love,
Julie Gannon