About Us

Untangle the Knot is an online resource supported by a community of relationship and divorce professionals serving people just like you – who are ready to decide it’s time to save their marriage or end it in the best possible way. Our purpose is to help you untangle your relationship knots, big and small. We’ve Got You!

We Believe

Marriages deserve every opportunity to be saved before deciding to part

A conscious decision and an intentional approach lead to the best outcome

Emotional health comes first, period.  Negative impacts of divorce, especially on children, can be mitigated

Self-Care is the key to keeping your sanity and sound decision making

Relationship struggles and divorce happens to good people who deserve to be supported, free of judgement and shame

Divorce can serve as the catalyst for positive transformation

Community is Everything!  Our relationship experts, partners and clients are stronger together

Meet the team

Julie Gannon

CEO | Co-Founder

Julie is a heart-centered entrepreneur and leader with a passion to serve others. With this passion and gift for creating order out of chaos and simplifying the complex, she founded Untangle The Knot to ease the painful journey of trying to save or needing to end a marriage…

Seth Wright

Co-Founder | Adviser

Seth is a strategy and finance professional with over 20 years of experience with a passion for helping purpose-driven companies. While Seth has had a successful career working in other companies, he wanted to use his entrepreneurial spirit…

Kari Tewalt

Head of Customer Experience

Kari joined Untangle The Knot to directly impact the well-being of others.  After 20 years holding senior positions in corporate, she now leads internal operations and Customer Experience.  Working with Untangle The Knot gave her the tools, resources and strength…

Jen Wacaser

Life Values Assessment Expert | Coach

Before establishing a thriving corporate and personal coaching business, Jen dedicated her professional life to the executive levels within the field of development for a number of renowned universities, including USC, UCLA and the University of Denver. Not only did Jen successfully manage her…

Nancy Hamilton

Relationship Expert

With training in clinical social work and 24 years in the field, Nancy has parlayed her knowledge and experience from individual and couples therapist to couples coach and mentor.

Using her signature programs of Relationship Fluency and Better by Tonight™, Nancy …

John Noble

Technical Partner

John is a developer and technology expert with over 20 years of experience. John has worked in large companies, startups and in founding his own companies alone and with partners. He loves creating new things, helping people and growing personally…

Gretchen Ferraro


Gretchen has over 17 years of experience as a writer and editor in the health and wellness industry. She has served as editor of Muscle Media and Energy magazines, international publications geared toward the overall wellness and health of men and women, and she was editor of the Sports Nutrition…


Julie Casella

CHRO | Untangle The Knot Adviser

Innovative CHRO, strategic human resources executive, trusted business advisor, executive and career coach, and business owner. Julie helps public, private, private equity-owned and not-for-profit clients attain their goals through leadership success, HR transformation and organizational effectiveness….

Additional advisors are on their way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Untangle The Knot encourage divorce?

Absolutely not! We provide information and resources for people with marriage troubles with the hope that they can improve their relationship. However, we recognize that all marriages are not in a position to be saved and sometimes divorce is the best option. For those cases, we want to provide an easier path for a difficult journey.

I’m concerned about my privacy but want to use Untangle The Knot. What can I do?

We recommend you set up a new email account and create a secure password, one that nobody could ever guess. Google Gmail is a great option. Be sure to not save your password within your browser. Use this email for your communication with UTK and any other divorce related activities.